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Barrie is a master and I think everyone with a wish to improve will gain an enormous advantage by being tutored by him.  I think the advice he gave me will be useful in life generally and I am really glad I chose the workshop for my birthday present.  The library is unbelievably marvelous and his mixture of science, magic and illusion is brilliant and inspired.  Magic is all in the mind and Barrie totally gets it. Wow!
— Alisdair Dahilitz

A Performer, a Designer, a Marketeer, a Businessman, an Engineer, a Magician?

The Illusioneer is all these things and learning and practicing the Art of Magic uses all these skills. Learning through Magic is not only beneficial but great fun and provides an interesting insight. into all these areas. You can attend a workshop whenever you like, providing The illusioneer is available.

These workshops are specially designed for individuals who are 15 years old or older for one on one tuition but you can add an additional person to your sessions, the cost is per head.

There are 2 progressive 2 hour sessions to choose from, the cost is £100 per 2 hour session, per person or £180 for both sessions. Included in the price are some of the props used in the workshop and needed to practice at home. These two sessions are a great starter kit for anyone who is interested in Illusion & Magic.